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 Nail BitinG

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PostSubject: Nail BitinG    Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:14 pm

Nail biting is a common habit. It is usually not a serious problem for children. It becomes most common in adolescence when almost half of all children bite their nails to some degree.

Most children that bite their nails have no problems. In some cases, nail biting may cause:

a bacterial infection warts around the nail bed bleeding permanent nail damage Help Stop Nail Biting Treatment should address the reason why your child is biting his nails. If your child is under a lot of stress, try to reduce the stress. For example, try to figure out what stressful situations seem to cause your child to bite his nails (such as being bored, watching a suspenseful TV show, or getting frustrated with homework) and try to avoid those situations.

Cutting long nails helps some children. Nails can also be smoothed so that they do not bother your child. Direct your child's attention away from nail biting and try to help your child feel good about himself.

Punishing or shaming a child for nail biting is not helpful.

If you have an older child that wants to stop nail biting, you can help your child make a plan to break the habit. You can help your child find something to put on his fingers to remind him to stop nail biting. For example, your child may want to try wearing a pair of gloves, putting Band-Aids on the fingers, or applying a bitter-tasting preparation to the fingers. You should not require your child to use any of these strategies. It should be your child's decision to work on breaking the habit.

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Nail BitinG
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